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California Tides and More

Tidal action has a great effect on boating. Most realize that when sailing. The truth that tidal currents will effect you when motor boating even with a planning hull. Going with the current usually makes a voyage more gentle a bit quicker.

Fighting against a current especially with a displacement hull can slow you down to a craw.

Take advantage of the tidal currents as much as possible. You will soon realize that going with the currents will make your voyage a lot more fun.










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Yacht Club Guide

California Yacht Clubs

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California Tides

California Water Level Stations
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Tide and Current Predictor
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California Tidal Predictions

Data Disclaimer

These raw data have not been subjected to the National Ocean Service's quality control or quality assurance procedures and do not meet the criteria and standards of official National Ocean Service data. They are released for limited public use as preliminary data to be used only with appropriate caution.
California Tidal Predictions
Click on the area of interest on map
Crescent City, California North Spit, California North Spit, California Cresent City, California Arena Cove, California Arena Cove, California Point Reyes, California Point Reyes, California Port Chicago, California Port Chicago, California San Francisco, California San Francisco, California Richmond, California Richmond, California Alameda, California Alameda, California Redwood City, California Redwood City, California Monterey, California Monterey, California Port San Luis, California Port San Luis, California La Jolla, California La Jolla, California San Diego, California San Diego, California Los Angeles, California Los Angeles, California Santa Monica, California Santa Monica, California
California Yacht Clubs

Find over 5000 Boating books & videos here


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